Define any industry with PitchBook’s refined industry search

November 12, 2018
As industries proliferate and companies continue to emerge, properly categorizing entities becomes an increasing obstacle to hurdle when conducting research. To find companies relevant to your needs, it's crucial you're using intuitive and customizable search enginesthis is where PitchBook's newest release can help. 

PitchBook’s refined industry search makes it easier for you to dive into any space or subspace without having to learn the nuances of any search criteria. Build a search using keywords you would use to describe the landscape and be confident that your results represent what you’re trying to analyze. 


This enhancement allows you to customize your queries with combinations of keywords, industries and verticals. While you can create a granular search, it's not requiredwe've built in improved keyword recognition and suggestion capabilities, so you can find what you're looking for much more easily.


Upon completing a search within your specific parameters, you can view key insights and dig into the details you've come to expect with PitchBook's comprehensive datasets.

Log in and head to Advanced Search in the main sidebar to explore the industry you're currently investigating. 

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