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August 3, 2021
Trillions of dollars flow into the private markets every year, and that capital shapes how we all experience and interact with the world around us—whether we know it or not. From how our foods are produced, prepared and delivered to how we navigate cities, check out at the corner store, and seek and receive medical care, this dynamic asset class can no longer be considered fringe. PitchBook's "In Visible Capital" podcast looks at this once-opaque asset class through timely reporting and in-depth analysis.

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Season 4 Episodes and Transcripts

Ep. 1 - 'The Cult of We'
Hosts Adam Lewis and Alec Davis discuss how China's tech crackdown could impact SoftBank before Eliot Brown, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, joins the show to discuss "The Cult of We: WeWork and the Great Start-Up Delusion." That's the book he co-authored with Maureen Farrell detailing the rise and fall of WeWork. Hear stories uncovered during their in-depth reporting as co-host Alec Davis and Brown dig into the lessons that investors can take from this story.

Ep. 2 - Venturing outside Silicon Valley
PitchBook's lead quantitative research analyst Andy White joins to discuss the trends his team is seeing within the data in our latest US VC Quantitative Perspectives report. Then, Collin Gutman, co-founder and managing partner at SaaS Ventures, shares his thoughts on what it takes to grow venture ecosystems in cities outside traditional tech hubs, and why he's more bullish than ever on the future of tech. This episode of "In Visible Capital" is sponsored by Vanta.

Ep. 3 - The venture ecosystem's fundraising shakeup
PitchBook’s head of Emerging Technology Research, Paul Condra, shares insights from our latest Emerging Technology Indicator report before Alexander Davis chats with Samir Kaji, a veteran Silicon Valley VC fundraising adviser and co-founder of Allocate. Kaji breaks down how venture capitalists increasingly are opening up their fundraising beyond big institutional partners to family offices, individuals and independent asset managers. This episode is sponsored by Vanta.

Ep. 4 - The rise of Edison Partners in the PE growth landscape
PitchBook emerging technology analyst Robert Le shares some insights from our Q1 Insurtech and Q2 Insurtech Emerging Tech Research reports before Edison Partners general partner Kelly Ford joins the show to discuss how the New Jersey-based investor has successfully transitioned from venture capital investing to growth equity while specializing in the enterprise software space. Ford also shares insights into how Edison has managed to exceed benchmarks in hiring a diverse workforce.

Ep. 5 - Private equity's sports investing playbook
PitchBook senior editor James Thorne discusses the risks facing VC investors with stakes in Chinese companies as a regulatory crackdown looms, and then RedBird Capital managing partner Rob Klein joins the show to discuss the firm's sports investing strategy, including recent deals for stakes in the Boston Red Sox, Liverpool FC and, alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, buying the XFL out of bankruptcy.

Ep. 6 - LPs' take on the changing world of venture
PitchBook senior analyst Joshua Chao discusses key trends from the H1 2021 Greater China Venture Report before Hamilton Lane managing partner Miguel Luiña joins to share his perspectives on the challenges facing emerging fund managers, the democratization of venture capital and the lack of liquidity for venture investors. 

Ep. 7 - Why a hedge fund joined VC's cybersecurity arms race
Hosts Adam Lewis and Alec Davis discuss recent coverage of the femtech frenzy, PE's march on VC and an update on the red-hot fintech space. Then, Maverick Ventures managing director Matt Kinsella joins the pod to discuss why hedge funds are getting to venture, how that influx of capital will impact the industry and the never-ending arms race within cybersecurity. 

Ep. 8 - Soccer clubs, the Super League and the future of sports investing
Joe DaGrosa, chairman of DaGrosa Capital Partners and Kapital Football Group, joins the pod to discuss why current European football club valuations present an intriguing near-term opportunity for investors and how shifting audience behaviors will impact investments in professional sports.

Ep. 9 - How non-dilutive financing could reshape VC
Miguel Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of Capchase, and Matt Burton, partner at QED Investors, discuss the growing number of options for founders to raise capital outside of traditional VC and venture debt. Plus, Hilary Wiek joins to share findings from the 2021 Sustainable Investment Survey (with more to be shared in our upcoming webinar).

Ep. 10 - Seeding the next generation of UK unicorns
Ian Connatty, managing director for funds at British Patient Capital joins the show to help us explore the VC ecosystem in the UK, including why we may be seeing larger rounds for UK companies, what changes could create a more favorable exit environment and more. Stay tuned for more timely in-depth conversations on your podcast feed and through PitchBook webinars

Ep. 11 - VC Bradley Tusk on how startups can get their way with regulators
Political strategist and VC Bradley Tusk joins the pod to discuss the importance of assessing regulatory risks for startups, how passion-inspiring tech succeeds, the state of the SPAC market and more. Also, PitchBook senior analyst Kyle Stanford joins to discuss key takeaways from the 2021 Q3 PitchBook-NVCA Venture Monitor report, which we will discuss further during a webinar on Nov. 3. 

Ep. 12 - How evolving mindsets and innovation are building a better supply chain
PitchBook senior emerging tech analyst Asad Hussain joins to discuss our ongoing supply chain challenges and the technologies that may help solve those problems while breaking down insights from his recently published Q3 update on supply chain tech. Then, we revisit an episode from earlier in 2021 that examines the state of the supply chain and how disruptions from the pandemic have created more space for modernization and innovation. To cover these topics, we are joined by Ironspring managing partner Ty Findley, Flexe CEO Karl Siebrecht and Playground Global founder Bruce Leak.

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