As of this week, PitchBook now offers 120,000 unique market size estimates across 30,000 markets—and is adding hundreds more each day. Fueled by our research process, we’re always improving our data coverage and platform.

The new feature gives our users access to huge swaths of market size data, so they don’t have to rely solely on search engines or third-party providers to surface and validate insights. 

With market size estimates in a centralized place, you can spend less time scouring websites and more time analyzing the data to assess market opportunity. 

Over 120K estimates for 30K+ markets to start

Every single estimate in the platform is reviewed and validated by a PitchBook researcher. Data is only valuable if it’s trustworthy, so we’ve ensured high-quality estimates through a rigorous research process.

Additionally, the underlying source of an estimate is always available for our users. From the search results, users can click on the source for a full, transparent picture of where the information came from. Don’t want to see results from a specific source? You can easily filter it out. All of the search results can be filtered by geography, year, source and publish date. Plus, any filter you apply to your search will be automatically reflected in the charts and graphs, bypassing any manual updates.

PitchBook is committed to helping our customers make informed investment decisions and this latest release aims to make the process of assessing market opportunities more efficient and rewarding. While we can't ever predict the future, we can collect data points and empower professionals to understand early indicators.

Take the beer market for example—it's estimated that the median market size to be $962.39 billion in 2026.

Beer estimate chart with magic 8 ball that says "Looks hazy, but promising"

Visualize results and download presentation-ready deliverables

Interpreting results is just as important as finding them. With charts and tables, users can easily analyze trends in the data at a macro and micro level. This could mean looking at estimates over a multi-year period or diving into a specific year to see how estimates varied within that time frame.

We also know these estimates will be used to provide support for one-pagers and pitch decks. Once you have completed your research, you can download your results in the form of a ready-made deliverable that can be inserted straight into a presentation. With no muss or fuss for the visuals, you can divert your focus on more important tasks, save time and enjoy feeling more informed than ever.

Discover markets adjacent to the ones you’re researching

We’ll also provide suggestions based on the search term. Some market estimates may be published under a different—yet synonymous—name, which could limit results. Leveraging artificial intelligence to provide personalized suggestions, users will be able to add similar or adjacent markets to their search. 

Users will first see the suggestions as soon as they access the new feature. These will be populated based on previous searches in the platform. This not only ensures you’ve covered the market you’re searching for, but also provides the opportunity to discover markets you may not have considered.

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