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PitchBook Spotlights Emerging Technology, Female Founders and Shifting VC Ecosystems at SXSW

March 10, 2022

Seattle, March 10, 2022 – PitchBook, the premier data provider for the private and public equity markets, today announced it will take part in the 2022 SXSW conference in Austin, Texas to bring private and public market data and analyst insights to attendees. In addition to sponsoring the Funding & Investors Summit running from March 11-12, PitchBook is hosting a lounge space for investors to gather and network, partnering with SXSW Pitch to showcase the continued outperformance of female-founded companies, and holding a panel discussion on the rapidly evolving US venture capital (VC) ecosystem. See below for more details on PitchBook’s presence at SXSW.  

Venturing Into New Territory: VC Ecosystems & Emerging Tech Panel Discussion
  • Date/Time: March 12 at 10am CT in Hilton Room 406
  • Presenters: PitchBook analysts Nizar Tarhuni (Senior Director of Institutional Research), Paul Condra (Head of Emerging Technology Research) and Kyle Stanford (Senior VC Analyst)
  • Discussion: The Bay Area has long been the undisputed center of the startup world, but there are early signs nontraditional hubs are gaining steam. In 2021, markets like Miami, Austin, and Philadelphia saw higher year-over-year growth in first financings than the Bay Area and New York as record-breaking levels of venture capital spread across the US ecosystem and entrepreneurship reached an all-time high. What’s spurring startup migration to new zip codes? In this panel, PitchBook research analysts will follow the flow of capital across US cities, explore macro trends, and detail disruptive emerging technologies to provide investors, founders, and startups the insights they need to navigate the rapidly changing innovation ecosystem. This presentation delves into private market research from the PitchBook Institutional Research Group, including the US Venture Monitor, Emerging Technology Indicator and Quantitative Perspectives reports.

PitchBook + SXSW Pitch Female Founder DashboardJust in time for Women’s History Month, PitchBook is teaming up with SXSW Pitch to highlight the continued outperformance of female founder teams both on and off the SXSW Pitch stage. An interactive dashboard includes data on VC investment in US-based female founders by state and sector and analyzes how female founders have historically performed at SXSW Pitch. The data found female founders consistently won a higher percentage of awards compared to their representation in the larger competitor pool. In the US VC ecosystem, female founders continue to exit faster and at higher valuations than their all-male counterparts.

PitchBook Investor Lounge: PitchBook’s Investor Lounge will run through the entirety of the Funding and Investors Summit, serving as a meeting ground for summit attendees to network, gain exclusive industry insights and discuss the dynamic landscape of early-stage VC with PitchBook experts. PitchBook will also have a booth outside of Salon G. 

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PitchBook is a financial data and software company that provides transparency into the capital markets to help professionals discover and execute opportunities with confidence and efficiency. PitchBook collects and analyzes detailed data on the entire venture capital, private equity and M&A landscape—including public and private companies, investors, funds, investments, exits and people. The company's data and analysis are available through the PitchBook Platform, industry news and in-depth reports. Founded in 2007, PitchBook has offices in Seattle, San Francisco, New York, London, and Hong Kong and serves more than 60,000 professionals around the world. In 2016, Morningstar acquired PitchBook, which now operates as an independent subsidiary.
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