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The greenwashing complex: How to identify legitimate ESG and Impact

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April, 1, 2022
12:00 AM ICT
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Sustainable investing and ESG continue to carve out a niche in the investing landscape, but this growth hasn’t been without ambiguity or a lack of consensus on what they are and how they operate. In this webinar, we'll detail some of the prevailing sustainable investing philosophies, the groups behind them and how this intersects with topics like greenwashing and Impact.

Key topics

  • Understanding how ESG philosophies can be broken into purist, pragmatist and pluralist, based on tolerance for ESG risks and where each stands on entry and exits
  • How an investor’s stance on manageable and unmanageable ESG risks will greatly impact their pool of potential prospects and set them up for different risks and opportunities
  • How to match GPs, LPs and target companies that align philosophically and communicate well is the most effective means of avoiding conflict or disappointment between parties and potential claims of greenwashing


Hilary Wiek, CFA, CAIA

Lead Analyst, Fund Strategies & Performance, PitchBook

Hilary Wiek is a lead analyst at PitchBook, where she leads coverage of fund strategies and performance, publishing primary research on the alternatives space and contributing to core report development. Wiek also heads PitchBook’s coverage of the ESG/impact investing space.

She has over 20 years of experience in asset owner, manager and advisory roles. Prior to joining PitchBook, Wiek was the director of investments at the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundations, where she handled portfolio management, impact/ESG, investment diligence and monitoring and investment operations. Before that, she worked in senior positions at Segal Rogerscasey, the South Carolina Retirement Systems Investment Commission, Buckingham Financial Group, Dayton Power & Light and KeyCorp.

Wiek received a master’s degree in finance and economics from Case Western Reserve University and a bachelor’s degree in business leadership and finance from the University of Puget Sound. She is based in PitchBook’s Seattle office.

Anikka Villegas

Analyst, Fund Strategies and Performance, PitchBook

Anikka Villegas is a fund strategies and performance analyst at PitchBook, where she publishes primary research on the alternatives space, contributes to core reports, and serves as an ESG and impact investing specialist. Prior to joining PitchBook, Villegas was an ESG analyst at Bridge House Advisors, an ESG and sustainability advisory firm. Before that, she was an associate at Malk Partners, a consultancy advising private market investors on ESG risk management and value creation.

Villegas received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, politics, and economics from Pomona College. She is based in PitchBook’s Seattle office.


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